Time is Money…

You might have heard this saying before: “Time is Money”. Let me explain to you what it really means.

You see, in business the cash you have access to, commonly called cash flow, is not measured in dollars, as most people think.

Cash flow is measured in time.

People say “Cash is King” because they understand that when a business runs out of cash it becomes insolvent and often goes under.

But the truth is that businesses rarely run out of cash. What they run out of is time.

If a $500 invoice is due today, and you don’t have $500 in the bank or you don’t have $500 in credit to pay the invoice and you don’t have time to liquidate an asset to get the cash to pay the invoice, you’re insolvent, and you may go out of business.

Why do companies get in that situation?

It’s not the cash that’s the problem – it’s time.

You see, if the company could only wait an extra week, the cash would come. That $500 would be in the account next week, when they collect some receivables or sell some of the inventory. But it’s too late. They ran out of time. There is no cash to pay the invoice that’s due now. So they go out of business.

Now imagine that same company six months prior to that situation. What if they had made 10 extra phone calls six months ago and had made 2 extra sales six months ago? Can you see that that company would not be out of business today? Can you see that those 2 extra sales would have added more cash flow and today they would be able to pay the invoice that is due?

But why didn’t they do it 6 months ago? What were they doing then?

Well maybe the business owner was trying to build two different businesses at the same time, splitting his time between the two businesses he wasted time. Now he has no cash.

Maybe 6 months ago, the owner decided to work less for a couple days, maybe he decided not to make phone calls, maybe he took a week off, maybe he used his marketing money to attend a concert or to buy himself new clothes…doesn’t matter what he did.

Today his business is on the verge of collapse not because of lack of cash, but because he misused the time he had at his disposal.

If you own a business it’s imperative you understand this principle. It’s imperative that you learn to use your time judicially.

If you are building a business right now, if you’re in the midst of a start-up operation. If you haven’t reached the cruising altitude yet, you need to devote your entire life – every minute and every day – to build the foundation of your business. Because you don’t know what will happen in 6 months…so you need to put all the time you can now to ensure you don’t run out of cash then.

If you think you can compromise, take a vacation with your friends who have a job and go hang out in Ibiza for a week…you may wake up in 6 months in a very bad situation. Your business may run out of cash, because you have misused your time.

Time is money my friend. Today’s time is tomorrow cash flow.

This is one of hundreds of lessons I teach my clients to make sure their businesses not only succeed but exceed their best expectations.

Business is Simple…once you understand a few principles and are willing to apply them you can have a business that makes you rich, the lifestyle of your dreams and the time of your life.


Almost 20 years ago I created a business decision matrix to help my clients understand what to focus their time on as they build their business. The matrix is called Business Optimizing Strategic Systems, or BOSS for short.

Without BOSS you’re doomed to make too many emotional decisions as you run your business. And one day or another, one of those emotional decisions is guaranteed to catch up with you and bite you in the butt when you least expect it.

Almost no one beats this. That’s why a vast majority of businesses go down at one point or another.

I’m not trying to scare you, I want you to be real with yourself. When over 95% of businesses disappear over time, you’d have to be insane to try to build a business on your own, especially if you have never done it before.

It doesn’t matter if you have been in business for 3 months or 30 years, if you haven’t figure out how to build the business that can afford you the lifestyle you want now, and the retirement you want later, it’s never too late. If you are still in business, chances are I can still help you. But don’t wait. Time is not on your side.

Don’t be foolish and wait. Don’t put everything you’ve spent your life accumulating at risk. Instead get the advice of someone like me who has dedicated his entire adult life to building businesses and who is successfully creating millions and millions of dollars in new wealth every year around the world.

Don’t be pound foolish and penny wise.

If you need help, ask.

I have a couple openings in my schedule to take on a few more clients.

This is your freaking life. Live it up and get what you know you deserve.

Best regards,

Marco Robert

About the Author: Marco Robert is a management thought leader, an expert in building businesses and a worldwide influencer. With clients in over 40 countries, and with over 30 successful business turnarounds under his belt, there are few business consultants around the planet who are better positioned to help owners of SMEs – small and medium size businesses – thrive. You can find out more about Marco by visiting his website: