MY MISSIONMy mission is to wake people up to their own potential, so we can all live in a better world now rather than later. I am a total disrupter.

My time is divided into three equal activities; Learning, Earning, Yearning. Through these activities, I bring change to people’s lives and businesses.

I am a student of life. I’m constantly searching, developing new theories about business and life. In order to do that I study people and their lives. I love to learn, grow and expand – I believe that’s what we are here for.

“In my opinion, people who can read but won’t, are more ignorant than those who can’t read and don’t.”
~Marco Robert

Whether I am on stage in front of thousands of people or writing a new book, or teaching a workshop to CEOs or coaching business executives one-on-one, I earn my living by sharing my findings and by applying them to people’s businesses and their lives.

I yearn to educate and enlighten people and help them see who they truly are, awaken their leader and thinker spirits and help them grow their impact on this world. I empower them to choose to live their lives on their own terms. And I give them the tools for their expansion.

Educated, Good Looking, Hard Working, yet broke…

Have you heard of those people? There are millions of them. I see them all the time, they come to my seminars and meet them at business functions and coffee shop. They are smart, good looking, and full of potential but they can’t get out of their own way. They get average results and live average lives, because their thinking is average, copied from other average people. Their thinking is average and they get average results.

And by the way, look around you, there’s nothing appealing about being average. In my opinion, today’s average is pretty mediocre.

The irony of living…

It’s a statistical fact that most people get average results, correct?

Another statistical fact is that most people want more out of life, agreed?

A third fact is that most people in the Western world believe they live self-determined lives – on their own terms.

Question: How can one get average results out of life, cry out loud that they want more and still, in the same breath, state that they live on they own terms?

It doesn’t add up.

That was me before. I believed I was in control of my life, yet I was always complaining about outside events. I was NOT in charge of my life.

The irony of life is that most people think they already live life on their terms. They believe they live a life of their choosing yet they don’t have the riches they aspire to.

I wake them up! How? With evidence and proofs.

Those who truly live deliberate lives have all the riches they want. They have happier relationships with their spouse, their kids and their neighbors. They create their world, and never complain about their fate.

“Everything is possible to those willing to elevate their thinking above that of the masses.”
~Marco Robert

We are the creators of the world around us.

For most people, the greatest enemy is their own mind. Their lives are limited by their acceptance of ideas, ideologies, thoughts, dogmas or beliefs that are not their own. They allow such outside forces to enter their mind and chock their expansion.

People freed from their own mind’s restrictions can achieve anything they want.

For proof, just compare our world today with the world of 1000, 100 or just 10 years ago, all technologies we take for granted were once impossible and illogical. But unshakeable men and women chose not to accept the restrictions of their world. They challenged the beliefs of the time, the status quo of the masses and created a world beyond the acceptable.

To succeed we have to break away from the patterns that keep us enslaved. We need to “become” unshakeable leaders and thinkers; human beings guided by their true potential: Their Entrepreneur Spirit.

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