MY CLIMBI made an important decision in May 2000. After spending several months playing golf, sunbathing by a pool and veg’ing on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I decided that I would never stop climbing again. I lost a fortune that year because I didn’t keep my eyes on the ball.

In life there are games that are finite and some that are infinite. When you play a sport you either win or lose, but when you play “life” or “business” the only measure of success is to continue playing. The moment you stop playing you lose. The games of business and life never stop; they offer infinite possibilities. Retirement, in the common sense of the term, is not for me. I love to rest, take a breather and enjoy the journey, but I don’t intend to ever stop climbing again.

For me, life and business are never ending climbs of expansion and self discovery. They are not about reaching a single destination. Every new destination I arrive to is another viewpoint that allows me to see further into life’s beauties and expand myself and the world.

“I know things you don’t know, and it’s costing you millions!”
~Marco Robert

I am a through and through entrepreneur.

Business results are one of the best examples of the entrepreneur’s mind free thinking. Businesses allow us to expand ourselves and the world around, and measure our impact. It is not the only means of expansion at our disposal; arts, sports, academics and culture are other ways we can expand, but business results are easier to quantify and measure – that’s why I am an entrepreneur. My businesses allow me to measure my results and my impact on the world.

I know that I am controversial in my thinking and that most people don’t see the world as I do. But those who change the world do. And that’s enough for me.

“It doesn’t matter what you believe to be right or wrong, it doesn’t matter if you believe in fascism, socialism, communism, imperialism or any other “ism”. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to understand that business is 100% capitalism.”
~Marco Robert

Be the QBA of your business and your life.

In the early 2000’s I created a business management model to assist my client to get the results they want in business. I called it QBA. This management framework is based on a single idea: self-determinism. Performance and results, in any area of life or business, are the manifestation of a person’s thinking, and the decisions they make. Everything is first created in the mind of a person.

Therefore, QBA, or the Quantum Business Architecture, is a framework that allows business owners to think differently, and make better decisions. It’s kind of a ledge we can rest on, that gives us a strong footing to climb higher. Over the years, QBA has been single-handedly responsible for the creations of millions and millions of dollars in measurable results.

If you are a business owner and you feel a bit overwhelmed and confused by the shear amount of what you have to learn before you can succeed in business; or if you’re burning to become an entrepreneur and are not sure where to start, my QBA model can provide you with invaluable insights to impact your life and the life of others.

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