What’s the value of business coaching?

Harvard recently published the result of a study that demonstrates that the average client gets about 8 times the return on their investment from business coaching and management consulting services.

Many of my clients would certainly agree. Like this one:

After doing his first ever 45min coaching session with me, this client found out that a recurring sum of $200,000 was being wasted every year in his business. His accounting team had missed it for years. In the end, we were able slash those expenses without affecting his operations at all.

$200,000 in 45 mins! A little fortune anywhere in the world!

You’d think that’d be enough, right? No!

Over the next few months we exploded his sales and streamlined his business to the point that he’s now 90% liberated from showing up at work. With is newfound free time, he decided to launch a brand new business. And already, after just a few months, that business is already generating 5 figures per month.

That’s the power of coaching. And this is only one of hundreds of companies I worked with over the years.

Even after several successful years in business, this client was humble enough to admit he didn’t know everything. And with my help his business is now at a place he never dreamt it could reach.

Today, he gets to spend more time enjoying life with his wife and child, and not worrying so much about business. Priceless!