Marco understands the big picture. Within 10-15 minutes Marco is able to focus on your challenges and help you find a new direction in your business.

Johan Hamid International Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

In 45 minutes Marco has turned me into the best sales person you’ve ever met in the world. There’s nothing I can’t sell now.

Rams Mabote, South Africa Radio DJ, Metro FM

This weekend has been completely transformational.
What you have taught me about marketing in the last two days is far far more useful and far far more sophisticated in what I learned in my MBA in becoming a Chartered Marketer. You have changed my paradigm in business for ever.

Frank Pinto, South Africa

My life is inspired and hope reignited.
The number of times you gave the aha moments! The number of times you transformed my life in the last four days is uncountable! I’ve got so many great practical ideas to implement in my business to turn it around to the next next level.

Anan, Singapore The Orange Man

Marco is the best, hire this guy if you want to succeed. I got more than what I came in for. I got not only the business strategies, but also the mindset. The mindset is so important, its one of the determining factor between the success and failure in business.

Caroline Thai, Paris, France Business Owner

Marco is a fantastic coach,
Today I learned that there is hope out there if you’re feeling like your business sucks, there’s a way to change that. I can change that.

Lynn Deckers, South Africa

Marco, what a fantastic coach… When we started working with him, we were deep in a financial rut and I will never forget the moment we scratched together our last savings and placed our trust in him. He always has the right questions at the right time. We tackled each aspect of the business in depth. Questioned everything. Improved everything. As a result, we’ve seen our sales in weddings grow by 40%!!! Not only that, but customer satisfaction is at an all time high, and even our staff is happier. Both my husband and I are now only working part time in the business, doing more of the things we love. We recently hired an operations manager which will add even more freedom for us. Marco, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We couldn’t have done this without you… And the best part is that I know that you love what you do and that you have a genuine interest in people. I could always feel how proud you were when we made baby steps towards improvements. It’s because you could see where we were going and helped us keep our eyes on the outcome we wanted – more income and more freedom!Also, I just wanted to say Valverde (our hotel) won the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence for 2014. It’s the world’s frigging largest travel website!!! I’ve just announced it on Facebook! Also launching a new spa and restaurant opening on 31st May and 1st June. All thanks to you. Most grateful!

~PaminaBohrer, South Africa Eco Hotel Valverde

Marco, ‎A big-ass coin just dropped on the whole idea of creating systems for everything. It’s crazy. I own a business with 250 people with offices worldwide and it doesn’t have any of the systems you are taking about in place. Our controls are limited to people casually talking and formally meetings. No checklists, no nothing. In the end they consistently forget something and we fire them instead of coaching them or having them look at a to-do checklist of some sort. Crazy. I knew we were on the right track with this new plan and I was already busy with this idea but now the coin has really dropped. No one ever explained it all to me in such a simple way as you did. Now I feel I know what to needs to be done and feel certainty about it for the first time.

G. Robersheuten, Netherlands

Well Marco, I just have to say you have a way of looking at life and business that just makes my brain light up. And I’m sure under an MRI, it literally would.

Rory Atkinson, South Africa

Marco introduced me to several business experiences that were beneficial to me. What impresses me about Marco, and for what I am grateful for, is his sincere and unselfish commitment to helping people succeed. He has a true passion to help people, which is evident in the incredible global business network he has established. It is refreshing to know a mentor who has a natural instinct to enable success. The business world, and the global community of people in general benefits from Marco’s passion and knowledge.

Tom Nied, USA Nied Management, LLC

“I have personally had the wonderful opportunity to hear Marco Robert speak in public and as well as speak to him in person. He is one of the most genuine people that you will ever meet. When he speaks, he speaks on a level that allows everyone to understand him. He relates his stories and lessons to the common man and makes you feel like he cares about everyone. The world needs more inspirational and motivational leaders like Marco. I sincerely believe that you will thoroughly enjoy his book”

Gerald Czernohorsky, Montreal Capital Partners. Senior Managing Partner